Man urgently needs to buy himself a New Board Game


A MAN who has had a tough week at work is urgently searching for a new board game to buy himself to cheer himself up.

Eric Gates, aged 36, is currently browsing the internet looking for just the right game to lift his spirits with the warm thrill of consumerism.

He said: “It’s been a hell of a week. I don’t remember one like this since the week I had to buy Gloomhaven.

“I work hard, I deserve a treat now and again, but I’m struggling with deciding exactly what. I found this fantastic new Stefan Feld Euro, but then I remembered I still haven’t played the last one I bought.

“I’ve got stacks of games I’ve not played, and the number of expansions still in their shrink-wrap is approaching triple figures.

“I need a whole new category of thing I can buy to give myself that gratification buzz. Maybe I could get into collectible card games?”

Mr Gates’s desperate yearning for solace ended on Sunday evening, when he won an eBay auction for yet another Dominion expansion.


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