Man Playing Istanbul Informed he Should have Taken the Movement Tile


A man playing the board game Istanbul at a local game night, has been informed that he should have taken the movement tile from the Tavern at the beginning of the game.

Joe Bolton, aged 39, had just finished playing a five player game of Istanbul in which he had finished in third place, when a passing gamer gave him the news.

“I was scratching my head,” said Bolton, “Trying to think how I could have played better, when this guy just came out of nowhere and hit me with the answer. Apparently, I definitely would have won if I had taken the Movement Tile.”

Bolton added: “I had not even noticed him watching the game, but he must have been there the whole time, I guess – how else could he have known?”

According to a source, the good Samaritan was local gamer Mike Pickering, aged 42. Pickering had been playing Guilds of London earlier in the evening, and was walking past Bolton’s table on his way to the toilets as the game ended, when the opportunity to pass on his insight arose.

Bolton said, “I had never played with the Mocha & Baksheesh expansion before, so I was not sure what the best strategy was. Thank goodness that guy was there to tell me what I should have done.”


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