New dating app for people who back expensive Kickstarter campaigns


A NEW DATING app has launched to connect people who like to spend huge amounts of money on games with hundreds of miniatures and disappointing gameplay.

Backr has over 15,000 members, all of whom have wasted their money filling their houses with massive boxes containing games that will only ever get played twice, then sit there gathering dust until they are put onto eBay in six years time where they will sell for a pittance.

User Craig Russell said: “Before I started using Backr, my dates always used to end in disappointment. I would take a girl out to dinner, and I would tell her about my problem, and she would smile and say it did not matter. When I got her back to my place though, and she saw the reality of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles piled up in the corner of the living room, she would suddenly remember she had to be up early in the morning, and I would never hear from her again.

“This app has meant that I can connect with girls who have made the same terrible purchasing decisions as me, and therefore ruled themselves out of most of the dating pool. It’s been incredible to date people with whom you share such a grave error in life.”

Nikki Quinn said: “I suddenly have more dates than I know what to do with, as there are actually only seven women on Backr.”

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