Second Edition

I am working on a second edition of my book Ticket to Carcassonne.

TTC-mockupThe first edition went down quite well, but a lot of reviewers made the same point – that they were not sure who it was aimed at. On the surface, the book appeared to be an introduction to modern board games, but then there were a lot of strategy tips in the book for specific board games, which felt out of place.

The truth is (as I hinted at in the introduction) that the book started out as a follow-up to my strategy guide Hive – the Boardless Board Game and was originally going to be a strategy guide for the game Carcassonne. However, I got carried away with writing about the history of Eurogames and gateway games, and ended up writing a much broader book about the gaming hobby … except I decided to keep in all the Carcassonne strategy tips, and then decided to add more tips for other gateway games too.  The end result was, I realize now, a bit confused.

So, I want to fix this.  I believe that the solution is to write two separate books. I am going to go back to my original plan, and write a strategy guide for Carcassonne, and I am also going to rewrite Ticket to Carcassonne, taking out all of (well, most of) the strategy tips, and expanding other sections so that the book becomes what it should have been in the first place, an introduction to all the wonderful genres of Tabletop gaming.

The sections in the second edition will be as follows:

I am hoping the book will be available before the end of 2018.

If anyone wants to help me out by proofreading what I have done, the links above will take you to the latest draft of each chapter. Please do leave me a comment if you have any thoughts, spot any errors, or just want to say hi.


2 thoughts on “Second Edition

  1. Since the book is aimed at new gamers, it’s odd that there doesn’t seem to be a section on solo gaming. After all, new gamers are unlikely to have a group and many people prefer the solitary form of the hobby.


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