Strategy Guide

Here is one of the best scores I have ever got for the game 4 player, advanced version of Quadropolis:


My best ever score, with a strategy very similar to this one, is 105, but I forgot to take a photo of that one. In the game above my score was almost 100, and could have been if I had not stupidly picked the wrong tower block in round 3.

In this game, my opponents allowed me to get three monuments, because they were all busy fighting over the Harbours. My strategy was as follows:

  1. Get some Towers (including the first player token ones) early in the game
  2. Use the first player advantage to get three monuments if possible
  3. Get Factories with 3 Power
  4. Pick up the Parks (that nobody ever wants) at the end of each round

More than half of all my points came from Monuments, so I guess that the next time we play, those tiles will undoubtedly be harder to get. I have therefore investigated some other high-scoring patterns to aim for.

Yes, I do find it best to have a pattern in my mind at the beginning of the game, though, of course, if things do not go as I hope, I will have to adapt as I go along.

It is theoretically possible to score over 130 points in a game, but with my group, a score over 100 will usually win the game. With that in mind, here are some patterns that score around 110 points if done perfectly. Interestingly, they all include one Monument.



Ideally you need to get 9 of the 17 office towers, in a cross, one of them 5 high. Also need at least 1 monument (2 is better) or possibly a row of harbours along the top instead.



Try to get some that score points.


Towers and Shops:

This straightforward tactic is surprisingly effective.