Information for Retailers – USA


Ticket to Carcassonne is a 224-page paperback introduction to the board gaming hobby, written in an entertaining style by an enthusiastic gamer with a sense of humour. It is full of information, recommendations, jokes, stories, advice, interviews, and much more.

GREAT NEWS – It has just been updated for 2020!


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Ticket to Carcassonne is perfect for any retail outlet that sells games – reading it will make their customers want to buy more games!


If you would like to order some copies for your shop, the prices, including p&p for delivery in the USA (which takes approximately 1-2 weeks), are as follows:


10 copies – $60
20 copies – $110
50 copies – $250


The retail prices on Amazon are currently $10.99 per copy and we have no plans to change that price in the near future.


Please contact us using the form below, and we will send you an invoice (Paypal is the preferred option). You will be free to change your mind any time until you send the payment.