All Aboard!

CS_CoverIf, like me, you love modern tabletop games and you’re called Steve, then this is the site for you.

To be honest, you don’t really even need to be called Steve.

The site is named after a book that I first wrote a couple of years ago, about modern board games – a beginner’s guide to the board gaming hobby!

To be honest, it was a bit pants.

However, the second edition has just come out. It has been substantially expanded and rewritten and is now much, much better.


Never mind that though, this is my website. It includes my blog, where I will be posting whatever takes my fancy connected to the world of gaming. I will try to make it entertaining though. To see it, click on the word Blog, above. Obviously.

As well as for blogging, and shamelessly advertising my book, I also use this website to keep strategy notes for some of the games that I have played. In some cases, these notes are extensive. I know that they work because some of them were published in the first edition of Ticket to Carcassonne, and after reading them, some of my friends and family started to beat me when we played. That never used to happen before! Other times, though, my notes are a work in progress, and I update whenever I learn more about the game.

Either way, do feel free to check out the strategy guides too, and let me know if you think I have got something wrong or missed out something important.

…but please don’t tell any of my friends or family about them. They don’t need to know.